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7 Roadblocks to being Fluent in IELTS
Posted on: 14 Sep 2018  |   Category: IELTS ,

7 Roadblocks to being Fluent in IELTS In the IELTS Speaking test, for many people the common challenge is fluency. Fluency is nothing but your ability to speak easily (not fast) without noticeable strain or coherence loss. Weak fluency is usually linked to constant hesitation, self-correction, pausing or repetition. To help you enhance your fluency we will recognize the most common causes of poor fluency and then see at how to develop each of them.

First Obstacle- Attempting to Speak Too Instantly

As we stated above, students with great fluency speak easily, not fast. It is a basic misconception that great fluency means very fast speech. Attempting to speak too fast in any language will create a loss of clarity. Join this with delivering in the second language below exam conditions and the effect is going to be a loss of clarity and lots of errors. Solution– Concentrate on speaking quietly and easily. Hear to native speakers and attempt to copy their speech tone.

Second Obstacle- Attempting to Think of Ideas

Students often criticize that they can’t think of ‘good’ or ‘right’ ideas and this creates their fluency to lag. It is often created by a misinterpretation of what is being evaluated on the test of speaking. Unlike a maths test, there is no correct or wrong answer. Just reveal the examiner your capability to speak. Solution– Do not bother so much about the nature of your ideas and concentrate on your speaking quality. Speak to the teacher about what you understand about the question. If you know nothing, or very small, about the topic, don’t be scared to tell the examiner.

Third Obstacle- Missing Proper Structure

You will be provided with a cue card prior you speak. You are provided with a common topic to speak about, and then there are three or four things that they recommend you should talk about. The difficulty here is that several people run out of something to tell and then their fluency suffers typically. Solution– You need to talk about the general topic at the top of the cue card, but you are open to talking about anything you like inside that topic. Below the steps, you need to follow
  • Present the topic
  • Present your idea about the topic
  • Tell about the past, present, future of the topic
  • Describe the topic
  • Tell an individual story on the topic

Fourth Obstacle- Concentrating Too Much on Vocabulary and Grammar

Vocabulary and Grammar count towards 50% of your score and they are critical, but considering about them too much will reduce the coherence. If you concentrate on them too much, you will continuously be imagining the right language to use, and this will drive to lots of doubt and pausing. Solution– Answer the initial question centering on language, making assured that you get all the vocabulary and grammar right. Answer the second question concentrating on fluency and not bothering too much about vocabulary and grammar errors.

Fifth Obstacle- Not having Proper Practice

Many students have excellent grammar and vocabulary, but they never really use this language by speaking or writing. It creates enormous problems for both fluency and pronunciation, 50% of your score. Solution– Countless websites offer language exchanges. Exercise your language with them, and they practice English with you in replacement.

Sixth Obstacle- Trying Not to use ‘Umm’ and ‘Ahh’

Numerous students connect in making use of ‘ummm’, ‘ahh’ and ’emmm’ sounds with less fluency. If you stop regularly and performs these sounds, then it is a difficulty, but doing them sometimes is not only okay, it is entirely natural. Solution– Allow that making these pause sounds will occur and they are natural and agreeable. If you do them occasionally, don’t worry.

Seventh Obstacle- Stress

If you are very worried and stressed out through your test, you are running to be less fluent than usual. Think about someone talking in public who is very bothered. How is their fluency? The principal reason, we believe, that people are worried during their test is that they are not completely prepared. Solution– Follow the recommendations above, and you will be completely ready and confident. Approach Teach5 to overcome all these problems as we are having the most excellent faculty for all English proficiency tests.

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