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Comparing writing assignments in PTE and IELTS – Observations and Tips
Posted on: 05 Jan 2019  |   Category: IELTS , PTE ,

IELTS, PTE, IELTS Writing, PTE Writing, English Fluency Test - Teach5 IELTS and PTE are two choices but everybody is keen to know which test will bring out the skill set in them.


Let us deal with the differences between these tests regarding the writing sections. Taking English language tests, like the PTE and IELTS is fascinating. PTE Academic and IELTS Academic are two experiences which provide an insight. In PTE the computer asks Summarize Written/ Spoken Text and Write Essay. The IELTS has Writing Task 1 and Task 2. Let us know how critically different they are. It will also deal with selecting either the PTE Academic or IELTS Academic to get a high score in writing.

An overview

In the PTE Academic the candidate has to Write an argumentative essay covering around 250 -300 words in a period of 20 minutes. The Summarization of Written Text has a task where a block of text should be summarized into a single sentence within 10 minutes. In the Summarization of Spoken Text the task is to summarize a spoken lecture into 70 words within 10 minutes. Whereas In IELTS Academic you need to Describe a graph or a process in 150 words within 20 minutes as Writing Task 1. The next task involves writing a 250 word essay appearing in various formats within 40 minutes as Writing Task 2.

Comparing Writing assignments in PTE and IELTS

Writing assignments in PTE and IELTS tasks are big and time-consuming.
  • In PTE you get 20 minutes for writing an essay of 250-300 words. In IELTS there are different essay types, and you get 40 minutes, for writing 250 words. It is easy to score good marks in PTE Write essay.
  • Furthermore, the Essay here is only of one type.
  • One can use the same structure for all essays.
  • Moreover the organization or structure of essay has a great impact on overall grade. Writing in PTE is comparatively easy.
  • IELTS Writing involves various issues like agree/disagree, giving an opinion, or answering a double question.
In writing a test on computer changing something, deleting or moving something to a different place is easy. The keyboard is any day better than writing in hand.

Summarizing Written Text/Spoken Text versus IELTS Writing Task 1

  • In IELTS Writing Task 1, you have to provide the description of a graph in 150 words.
  • On the other hand, in PTE Summarization task you have to write one sentence of 5 -70 words. PTE, Summarize Spoken Text, is easy any day.
  • In solving the IELTS have a plan and a structure.
  • Know where to start and where to end.
  • Also know what to write and not waste any time.
  • The IELTS Writing Task 1 is complex and presents a challenge in comparison to PTE writing tasks of Summarizing Written / Spoken Text.
  • The most important point here is to summarize huge text into a single sentence. Know your grammar well.
  • For a good score in PTE Writing know a subject verb and object sentence well.
  • Do not longish sentences thinking that they are a single sentence.

Some useful tips of Summarizing Written Text:

  • Summarizing Spoken Text requires you to listen properly and understand the content of the academic lecture.
  • Also be a good listener, do not write complex sentences.
  • Write short and sharp sentences in this task.
  • When we have a formula for IELTS Writing Tasks, and know the grammar well for PTE Written Text, and also understand an academic lecture for PTE Spoken Text, overcoming the challenges, becomes simple and equal.
Good preparation for IELTS Academic, knowing the methods and formulae to complete an exam help in making it better. In PTE you can type answers, and also rectify a mistake. Finally we can conclude that taking up PTE is comparatively easier.

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