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Small Steps for a Big Change
Posted on: 05 Oct 2016  |   Category: Education , IELTS , PTE ,

If you are aspiring to go abroad for study or work, while it is important to plan your travel, visa, stay etc, it is also equally important to meet the requirements of the university or organization that you have applied for. A test for the proficiency in English may vary from pace to place, but you need to signify your expertise in English before submission of the application. Objective Oriented: Every university or organization has their own requirement in terms of the scores required. Some universities may have a clearly defined limit of score while others may not require a test at all. You need to be aware of this so as to facilitate your process of preparation. Verbal communication: In any new language learning, it is comparatively easier to master the hearing and the reading skills as compared to writing or speaking. Writing skills can be taken care of with practice materials, Newspapers, journals. However, the speaking skill is the most affected, even more, if you do not have an environment of the language around you. In such a case you will have to ensure practice of speaking the language with your friends, watch English movies, presentations and try to impersonate, join an English speaking club so that you can have the opportunity to speak the language frequently. Mixed strategy: Try to combine a mix of books, videos, online lectures, and webinars. Although the test will be Academic English, working with various mediums will help you to get comfortable with language and build your confidence in understanding. Strong Base: Learning a new language is much like constructing a structure, where the foundation needs to be strong to fold it. While you practice the sample questions and answers, you must pay attention to the grammar and sentence structures to understand the correctness of the laguage.s

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