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PTE – The Latest Barometer for Immigration
Posted on: 01 Jun 2016  |   Category: Education ,

Pearson Test of English is an answer to the demands of many organizations and governments to have a more accurate testing method for the countries where English is a foreign language. Very recent in the immigration scenarios, PTE is quickly catching on among business schools. Major universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and London Business School accept PTE.

Unlike IELTS, PTE is a computer based test where you get your results in five working days. Also, you don’t need to hassle for dates as they have 363 sessions running in 200 different locations. The test has two variations as well – PTE Academics and PTE General.

PTE Academics

pte-academicsPTE Academics gauges your skills and comprehension of English as spoken in real life. This mean that you will be tested on the accents and styles of English used in the academic environments. The grading system is on a scale ranging from 10 to 90, based on the “Global Scale of English”.  Further, the skills are broadly divided as communicative skills and enabling skills. Communicative skills include reading, writing, listening and speaking, whereas enabling skills include oral fluency, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling and written discourse. Your scorecard will have a breakdown of your scores with all your skills listed out. That’s not all. Institutions will receive your original voice recording to ensure the credentials of candidates as well as enable decisions for admission.

PTE General

Formerly known as London Test of English, PTE General is the equivalent of IELTS General Training. Unlike PTE Academic, this test did not gain such popularity yet. It is valid in many European countries including UK, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. This test is designed quite similar to the CEFR with 6 levels, increasing in difficulty.

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PTE GeneralWhile PTE General may not be a viable option, PTE Academic is perfect for studying abroad, especially those who plan to pursue management studies. PTE Academic is becoming more and more popular as the accuracy is higher and the test results are out faster. However, it will take a while before it replaces IELTS. For now, it is an alternative you can look at.PTE General is best suited for applying to European countries like UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Italy etc. As there are different proficiency levels it is a great tool to assess your skill set as well.

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