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IELTS How many? How much? How easy? Lets talk data
Posted on: 28 May 2016  |   Category: Education ,

IELTS is important for pursuing a career or studying further in countries like UK, Australia, Canda, New Zealand and in some parts of USA. According to IELTS statistical data in the year 2014, nearly 2.5 million people have given the IELTS test across the world. India has found its place in the top 40 countries for the number of test takers.

IELTS from IDPFurthermore, IELTS data show that India stands in the top 25 countries for the highest average scores overall taken in both IELTS Academics as well as IELTS General Training. Now we all know the perks of living in these countries, and so it is quite obvious that people would do anything to fly out, even if it means slogging out 10 times more than they ever did in school.

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It is popular belief that IELTS by IDP is way more simple when compared to the one conducted by the British Council. However, in the end, it depends on your language skills and the effort you put in to make the mark. The reason for all this hustle about IELTS is that working or studying abroad rests more on the shoulders of this exam and less on your MBA or Engineering degree. With each year, the number of students who give their IELTS grows leaps and bounds.

Write IELTSSome decide to give their IELTS and later on apply for jobs or universities. While it is perfectly fine to write IELTS and then apply, it is not the smartest decision. One of the primary reasons is that you might be too late and the seats might get filled up which would make your scores futile. The time difference between application and giving the IELTS should be minimal to ensure that the application is mostly in a pool and ready to be processed.

But what about a lot of people who feel discouraged because their family or friends might not have cleared the test? If India can fall in the top 25 for average scores and top 40 in test takers, it definitely means that it is not really as tough as people portray it.  At the end of the day, it depends on your skills and your effort. It might be like moving a mountain for one while the other might find it to be a cakewalk.

Hope these numbers have encouraged you to try and take the IELTS test. For further information, visit our website teach5.com.

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