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Posted on: 27 Jul 2018  |   Category: Skills in Demand ,

LEARN ENGLISH WITH MOVIES! Exhausted with reading pages of vocabulary and practicing a number of tests? Try watching a movie! Yes, watching movies is a great way to improve your language skills. You can learn how to speak like a native naturally. But will just watching movies help? Read on to learn the correct technique. Most people think that they can master the language by just watching Movies and TV shows. Well this can turn out to be ineffective because you may not understand or retain most of what you hear and hence it will make no difference to your language skills.


When you watch movies with native English speaking dialogues, you learn the real English used by native speakers. In movies you will learn sentence stress, pronunciation, intonation, linking words, everyday vocabulary, spoken grammar, common idioms and slang. Movies and TV shows are proven to be a powerful way to improve your English.


Pick the right movie

It’s very important to select the right movie for your practice. You could be a Star wars or Lord of the rings fan, or you would love to understand more of Al Pacino in Godfather! Whatever it may be – chose the right movie making sure that most of the characters are native English speakers. Another good way is to settle for a Kids movie or TV show. The English is simple and mostly scripted for an individual to learn English. But whatever you pick, be ready to watch it over and over again!

Use subtitles

If you feel you are a complete beginner you can start with watching movies in your native language but with English subtitles. It is not a very quick way of learning English but it will surprise you with how much you learn and retain just by getting acquainted with more English vocabulary. You can then switch to watching English movies with English sub-titles. It’s easy to get tempted to watch an English movie with subtitles in your language however you need to get over it! You will just be cheating yourself.


Re-watch Now that you have picked what you like to watch, you can sure watch it repeatedly. Start with watching it with subtitles in your language, watch it the second time with subtitles in English and finally without subtitles! Do you have to watch the whole movie over and over again? Well nothing like it, but you could also watch just a couple of clips of about 10 – 20 minutes.

What next? Repeat

While you watch the same clips or scene over and over again, pause and repeat after the actors. Copy their pronunciation. Next you can speak with the actors at the same time with the subtitles and then finally speak with the actors again but without the subtitles. Now you can even chose to record what you repeat. By doing this you can compare your pronunciations with the ones in the movie. So are you now all set to learn while being entertained?

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