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What is the IELTS reading module & what does it consist?

The reading module is the second part in the IELTS test. This test is designed to test your reading skills in a speedy manner. It usually consists of three reading passages (very rarely four), with the difficulty level increasing with each passages (for instance, passage 1 is a bit easier, compared to 2, and passage 3 will be the toughest and the trickiest). There are totally 40 questions to answer.

How much time is given to complete the Reading module?

You will be given approximately 60 minutes of time to complete your Reading task and no extra time is provided (not even one extra second). Once the time is up, you are told to put your pencils down.

What types of questions are asked in the Reading Module?

There are a variety of questions asked in the IELTS reading test. They may be short answer questions, multiple choice questions, sentence completion, matching headings, identifying the writer’s ideas/opinions- yes/no/not given or identifying the information in the text- true/false/not given which is based on factual information, diagram/flowchart completion, notes or summary completion, classification etc.

How can I get a good band score in reading?

Developing vocabulary & grammar- Firstly, you need to develop your vocabulary & grammar as the Reading module is challenging and needs your best efforts to achieve a good band score. Without proper vocabulary, it may become difficult for an individual to get a good band score. You can improve your vocabulary to a good extent by reading multiple news papers, magazines, research books/articles, novels etc

Identifying Key words- Every question will be having key words to identify the correct answer. So it is important to learn how to identify key words and use them properly

Improve your Speed-Reading skills- This is one of the most important skills, and it is a must to improve or work on your ability to read at a higher speed. Developing your speed-reading is a key to find your answers quickly, and complete your task, on or before time.

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