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  • IELTS Speaking: Importance and Value of Discourse Markers
    Posted on : 05 Nov 2019  |  Category: IELTS ,
    Here we deal with the basics of discourse markers.  There are four types of discourse marker necessary for using if a candidate aims to get a high IELTS score. Read More
  • Motivation Factor and Success in IELTS
    Posted on : 02 Nov 2019  |  Category: IELTS ,
    Motivation is a strong catalyst that helps a person to for achieve something great. By seeing and monitoring progress, and practicing regularly we can remain motivated to achieve success in IELTS. • The first important thing is to keep a log of progress achieved.  It looks good to .... Read More
  • Smart Tips to Know for Students Applying for IELTS in 2019
    Posted on : 26 Oct 2019  |  Category: IELTS ,
    The students applying for IELTS in 2019 in the Modules of Academic as well as the General Training must know that there is a revision in the registration fee.... Read More
  • IELTS Tips from a Top Candidate Scoring 9.0
    Posted on : 24 Oct 2019  |  Category: IELTS ,
    For most test takers in the IELTS, scoring 8.0 is a tough and challenging task but there are some people who have recorded 9.0. We share some valuable tips from such achievers for the inspiration of IELTS test takers. Read More
  • Six Major Facts Regarding IELTS Exam
    Posted on : 18 Oct 2019  |  Category: IELTS ,
    The IELTS has a strong reputation and is a standardized test with the aim of evaluating English language proficiency among non-native speakers. At Present along with the Test of English as a Foreign Language it is regarded as a prominent test. When the.... Read More