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  • IELTS in a Nutshell
    Posted on : 01 Jun 2016  |  Category: Education ,
    IELTS – term that you hear so often from the moment your peeps plan to study abroad. Have you wondered why they make such a big deal out of it ? Well, let’s a take a quick tour to understand what IELTS is all about. What is IELTS ? Read More
  • IELTS How many? How much? How easy? Lets talk data
    Posted on : 28 May 2016  |  Category: Education ,
    IELTS is important for pursuing a career or studying further in countries like UK, Australia, Canda, New Zealand and in some parts of USA. According to IELTS statistical data in the year 2014, nearly 2.5 million people have given the IELTS test across the world. India has found its place in the top 40 countries for the number of test takers. Read More