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  • Different routes to a common gateway
    Posted on : 27 Sep 2016  |  Category: IELTS , PTE ,
    Immigrants, who wish to travel abroad for education, jobs, or research, require to qualify exams like the PTE, IELTS, TOEFL and others which have become the hallway to the entry into universities or country. These tests are designed to assess the language ability of the people who want to work or study abroad where English is the language for communication. The candidates not only get an exposure to new cultures but also get to meet many different people. It may be good idea to know the difference between the courses, although they may have a .... Read More
    Posted on : 13 Sep 2016  |  Category: Education , Employment Opportunities , Skills in Demand ,
    The IELTS British Council Award in Mumbai honoured 10 aspiring Indians with 3, 00, 00 to accomplish their dreams. Although a little early in the day, candidates being selected from varied courses like journalism, law, fine art, international relations and the lack of doctors or Engineers in the awarded list, leads us to believe that India is coming out of its obsolete preferences for these courses. According to Sharon Memis, Director for British Council in West India, the concept was to evolve a group of international citizens who have faith .... Read More
  • PTE Now In Bangladesh
    Posted on : 13 Sep 2016  |  Category: PTE ,
    Although the most acclaimed test for proficiency in English has been the IELTS and TOEFL, PTE is soon becoming popular in Bangladesh It can be acclaimed as a gateway for the candidates who are facing repeated failures in the IELTS and TOEFL. Having been accepted by many institutions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland including Harvard. Many students feel that PTE is much easier as compared to IELTS or TOEFL As compared to the other proficiency tests for English, PTE Academic also tests the 4 communicative skills of reading, .... Read More
    Posted on : 12 Sep 2016  |  Category: PTE ,
    PTE welcomes nurses n midwives Australia is now coming up with a once in a life time opportunity for nurses and midwives to apply for jobs in skilled migration category in the coming year. This policy has been adopted to meet the demand and supply situation that that has come up recently. Having limitations in their knowledge of the English language, many applicants from non English speaking countries like India, China, Singapore, and Malaysia had difficulty with the standards of ANMAC. Pearson is now looking forward to assist.... Read More
    Posted on : 12 Sep 2016  |  Category: IELTS ,
    Having been around for more than 20 years,IELTS is easily one of the most popular English language tests. In the last one year more than a million people have gained this certificate for employment, educational certificates and immigration. The vast number of candidates from India, China,  Aurtralia, Singapore acquiring this certificate has led it to become the most universally accepted International English Language Test. Another 57 universities in the u.s have joined hands with the many others already .... Read More