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  • Latest Updates in Teach5
    Posted on : 06 Oct 2016  |  Category: IELTS , PTE ,
    We are live and rocking…. Yes, we kept our word!! Within a fortnight after the announcement was made, we went live globally. The website ‘teach5.com’ is now live, functional and spreading smiles. We are getting noticed and appreciated Read More
  • Small Steps for a Big Change
    Posted on : 05 Oct 2016  |  Category: Education , IELTS , PTE ,
    If you are aspiring to go abroad for study or work, while it is important to plan your travel, visa, stay etc, it is also equally important to meet the requirements of the university or organization that you have applied for. A test for the proficiency in English may vary from pace to place, but you need to signify your expertise in English before submission of the application. Objective Oriented: Every university or organization has their own requirement in terms of the scores required. Some universities may have a clear.... Read More
    Posted on : 01 Oct 2016  |  Category: IELTS ,
    IELTS is considered as one of the oldest tests to be taken for testing the proficiency in English language which is important for overseas education or migration. This test not only helps you to better the skills of communication, it also facilitates the overall interaction in the foreign land leading to a harmonious settlement within the environment. Having said that, there are a few techniques that must be kept in mind during the course of this test. Teach 5 helps you to develop such skill online so that you may score the .... Read More
  • PTE –The preferred course for Specialized English Training
    Posted on : 28 Sep 2016  |  Category: PTE ,
    PTE has been awarded a contract for a period of 6 years worth $13.4 million by the New York City Department of Education. The agreement requires Pearson to pursue the present task of collaborating the entry level exam to the Common Core Standards. Also, from October, as the test was going to be conducted during the week rather than on Weekends, the officials of the education department were hoping that it may lead to participation by many more candidates According to the Education Department, although the black and Hispanic students constitute.... Read More
  • Different routes to a common gateway
    Posted on : 27 Sep 2016  |  Category: IELTS , PTE ,
    Immigrants, who wish to travel abroad for education, jobs, or research, require to qualify exams like the PTE, IELTS, TOEFL and others which have become the hallway to the entry into universities or country. These tests are designed to assess the language ability of the people who want to work or study abroad where English is the language for communication. The candidates not only get an exposure to new cultures but also get to meet many different people. It may be good idea to know the difference between the courses, although they may have a .... Read More